News Portal with Android + iOS Apple App – Rs 40,000

News Portal with Android + iOS Apple App - Rs 40,000

Hello Friends! Get a beautiful news portal and mobile application for you in just few days.

I will design and develop news website or portal with unlimited news category/sub categories and unlimited news publishing facilities.

Including 1 domain & 1 gb hosting server space, responsive website, comment on news, share on social media, contact form, google map, subscribe newsletter etc.

Website will be converted into app. App will look same like website, once website is updated/new news published, it will be automatically shown on app too. The developed application will look exactly like your Website and If you make any changes to the Website then the application will be updated automatically.

App will have features like: Splash screen and Icon will be added, Swipe to refresh the app for new news, Push notification, internet offline/online detection, loading/app opening progress bar, ad mob advertisement integration to earn money through app,

Urdu or Arabic website can also be designed & developed.

Costing: It will cost Rs 40,000/-

If you have your news or any other type of website ready then it will cost Rs 20,000.

Note: Domain, hosting server and also iOS store all need to be renewed next year, they charge yearly.

Note: Website/App’s malwayre/virus/hacker attack protection is not guaranteed by us, for this you need to purchase extra services by hosting server company.

Note: Android & iOS both apps will be published in our account. If you want to publish apps in your account then Rs 10,000 will be charged extra.

Note: iOS/Apple terms and conditions to approve apps are very strict so they may disapprove approve but everything will be done so that they can’t say NO easily.

Note: Android & iOS both stores update their terms and conditions time to time atleast in a year. If app is not improved as per their new instructions it will be removed from their stores. At this time we need to launch app’s new version and it’s cost will depend as per the work to be done.

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