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Buy Travel Leads Selling Website

Buy fully functional and live in 3 days core PHP website developed to sell travel leads to travel agents. As it is, no changes/customization @ INR 30,000 in advance. We will upload to your server fully functional website. We will change/update your logo & contact details & your payment gateway. Including 1 domain & 5 GB space.

We are selling custom made advanced Core PHP script of website which is developed to sell travel leads to agents like hellotravel.com. It also have feature to sell/add different unlimited domestic or international tour packages. For live demo please visit website developed by us TripMagics.com or HelloSafar.com
It have admin/crm/cms management through backend for everything like general pages, tour packages, lead management, lead price management, agent management, payment / recharge, automatic emails on registration, recharge, forgot password etc, top agent management, location management, form management, fake lead complain management etc.
Traveller fill a form on home page and admin will check/edit and approve it to buy leads to agents. Once agent login to their account they will see/search all leads. They can buy as per their choice/location etc. change password of admin, admin can add new travel leads from backend, admin can approve, disapprove any lead, admin can see all purchased leads with all required details. Their is one more option that agent can mark as booked lead and admin can run bonus scheme for more booked leads.
Admin can view all agents and admin can discontinue any agent. Admin can search any agent by email of mobile no, admin can search any payment made by any agent. Admin can see purchased leads on any particular date. Admin can recharge any agent’s account.
Admin can add top agents who are performing good to show that they are special. And top agents can add different tours in their profile which is visible to all. Admin can add different locations to be searched by agents to search particular location leads
For agents it have options to Recharge/add money to buy leads, agents can see all leads to buy as per choice, agents can see bought leads, can check bought lead’s detail, agents can see booked leads, agents can mark any travel lead to fake and complain, agents can see marked by them as junk/fake leads, billing history, profile management, change password etc.
  • Admin management: To change admin password
  • Lead management: to see new leads, already purchased leads. Here new leads can be added (status should be active)
  • Lead price management: National and International leads price can be changed here. (do not upload image here)
  • Agent management: You can see here all registered agents, agents can be searched by email or registered mobile number number. Payment/recharge details can be searched here. Agent ac can be recharged here. If you want to stop any agent, change status active or inactive.
  • Top agents management: New top agents can be added here (status should be active)
  • Location management: Here you can add domestic or international location. Its for agents to search leads in their login panel.
  • Page management: Here you can edit information of general pages like About us, policy, career, terms
  • Form management: Here new page can be made for promotion, landing page. It have inquiry form.
  • Fake leads management: If an agent do complain about fake leads, raise concern, then here lead can be marked as done or paymen return etc. And then manually agent’s amount would be recharged with that amount.
  • Service management: Its for adding new domestic or international packages
  • Payment gateway
  • Recharge ac
  • All leads (purchase 1-2-4 sharing option, search)
  • My Account
  • My leads (purchased leads) , can check every purchased lead’s details. Can complain here for fake/wrong lead
  • Booked lead: Agents can mark any lead as booked lead, admin will give extra cashback for top booked leads agents
  • Junk leads: Leads marked as fake/wrong details can be seen here, and its status
  • Billing History: Leads / recharge details can be seen here
  • Profile: Agents can update their profile here
  • Change password: Agents can change their ac password here
  • Automatic emails will be received.


To buy this please contact us at intimate.ws@gmail.com , or info@windsong.co.in or +91-9899400404
Order Online: We can give link to pay online.

Note: We recommend that you also buy SSL certificate to protect from malware/virus attack and for payment related services and later upgrade your external email server.

Our cost does not include any AMC or virus/malware attack protection but we give free support and training till 1 month.