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Data Entry in Math Type Software


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Bulk data entry is a process in which a text file of data is created through scanned image or handwritten matter.

Math Type software is used to type Mathematics or Chemisty etc notations, equations, numeric values and formulas etc.

We have a professional, experienced and good team of typists who can do data entry in Math Type software for any kind of your need. We are currently doing data entry in Math Type software for Toppr.com to type questions and solutions of Mathematics Chemistry & Physics etc.

More Details: We receive questions of mostly maths, chemistry and physics (scanned handwritten or typed) & solutions only handwritten by teachers on paper format by toppr.com and need to type these questions and answers/solutions in toppr.com panel online.

Minimum Order:

We only provide bulk data entry services. We do not provide small quantity data entry services, minimum order should be of $50.


Minimum rates per hour is $1.5  or Rs 100 per hour (usually our data entry specialists type around 180-200 scanned questions in 8 hours and around 60-80 handwritten solutions in 8 hours).