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Website Development Course in Lockdown


What you will learn and can do after this course?
You will be able to make a website from scratch for you or for your clients. You can start your website development company or can work as freelancer after doing this course. You will learn everything about how to develop a website from scratch.

What I will teach?
I will teach how to design or develop website. This course will include complete training. I will give you .website extension free domain (* to get .com or .in you need to pay for it extra see below) and free hosting server to start (valid for 1 year).

How I will teach?
I will give you some videos to watch first, and then I will be available on Call, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Email etc to teach you step by step.

What you need to start a website?
To design or develop or to get a website you first need a domain name like www.yourcompany.com (it should be small and catchy) and hosting server with space and official email id like info@yourcompany.com , I will tell you how to get hosting server space FREE of cost to get started.

Then for making/developing/designing dynamic website in WordPress (it’s the easiest option just like MS Word, very user friendly & powerful) you need to first install WordPress on your hosting server.

After that you need to login to your WordPress admin and install free theme/design. It will be a complete professional website as per your requirement. But you need to work on it as per my instruction.

Then you need to customize this theme as per your requirement, like you need to replace existing logo with yours, you need to create pages like about us, team/management, services, contact us page with contact form and Google map etc. Then you need to show these to top menu place to open it by clicking. You may create unlimited pages website or edit existing pages anytime.

I can also teach static website design but that will be more complex and editing static website is little difficult.

How much is the course Fees: Rs 2000 or $25
Duration: 2 hours class (on 2 different days / timings) and later 1 month’s technical support on Email, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook etc. Contact me if you stuck somewhere and need my help valid for 1 month.

* You may get .com or .in or .org etc domain website at additional cost of Rs 1000 or $15

Course Includes all above and below:

  • Website development training: Dynamic website – editing/addition is very easy or static website (editing it is very difficult)
  • Domain, Hosting Server Space, Install WordPress, Install Theme/Design, Working/customization on it as per your requirement (its not wix etc, it will be complete website)
  • Free .website domain and hosting server

NOTE: You need to give time to learn and design your website


OR SEND EMAIL TO info@windsong.co.in (your name & course)

Pay Fees Online by ATM Debit Card or Credit Card etc
Or by Paytm, Google Pay (+91-9899-400404)

I can also teach Search Engine Optimization SEO & SMO

Each Course Fees Rs 2000 or $25:

Course 1. SEO On page: SEO friendly website – I will teach how to make website SEO friendly, how to add title, meta & description tags, image alt/title tags (it’s very important to do this, it should be different for every page on website and it should be within character limit), good title, how to make robot.txt and sitemap.xml , how to speed up your website, why responsive website is good for ranking, why SSL secured website https is must for good ranking, etc

Course 2. SEO Offpage: I will teach you how to: Choose good keywords, Paid and free high quality backlinks generation, write blog articles, Google map business listing, competitor analysis, Free classified advertisements, press release, WordPress or dynamic website SEO plugin, static website SEO etc

Course 3. Social media marketing: I will teach how to use Social media for promoting your business/services, how to post so that it improve your website ranking, how to reach millions of prospective clients in less time etc


OR SEND EMAIL TO info@windsong.co.in (your name & course)

Pay Fees Online by ATM Debit Card or Credit Card etc
Or by Paytm, Google Pay (+91-9899-400404)

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दोनों वृतांतों की समानता को देखते हुए यह अनुमान लगाया जा सकता है कि कपिल स्मृति में जिस मीना का ज़िक्र हुआ है वह यही जगह है जहां आज भी हज के अवसर पर क़ुर्बानी दी जाती है।

News Portal with Android + iOS Apple App – Rs 40,000

Hello Friends! Get a beautiful news portal and mobile application for you in just few days.

I will design and develop news website or portal with unlimited news category/sub categories and unlimited news publishing facilities.

Including 1 domain & 1 gb hosting server space, responsive website, comment on news, share on social media, contact form, google map, subscribe newsletter etc.

Website will be converted into app. App will look same like website, once website is updated/new news published, it will be automatically shown on app too. The developed application will look exactly like your Website and If you make any changes to the Website then the application will be updated automatically.

App will have features like: Splash screen and Icon will be added, Swipe to refresh the app for new news, Push notification, internet offline/online detection, loading/app opening progress bar, ad mob advertisement integration to earn money through app,

Urdu or Arabic website can also be designed & developed.

Costing: It will cost Rs 40,000/-

If you have your news or any other type of website ready then it will cost Rs 20,000.

Note: Domain, hosting server and also iOS store all need to be renewed next year, they charge yearly.

Note: Website/App’s malwayre/virus/hacker attack protection is not guaranteed by us, for this you need to purchase extra services by hosting server company.

Note: Android & iOS both apps will be published in our account. If you want to publish apps in your account then Rs 10,000 will be charged extra.

Note: iOS/Apple terms and conditions to approve apps are very strict so they may disapprove approve but everything will be done so that they can’t say NO easily.

Note: Android & iOS both stores update their terms and conditions time to time atleast in a year. If app is not improved as per their new instructions it will be removed from their stores. At this time we need to launch app’s new version and it’s cost will depend as per the work to be done.

Get Free Web Hosting – We Provide Truly 100% Free Web Hosting from Hostgator

Yes you have heard it right!

~~ We provide 100% FREE web hosting from hostgator ~~

~ Lifetime Free Website Hosting ~

— It’s for only basic static html websites —

– This is a shared hosting –

– You can use your domain, its not like sub domain –

– 100% Ad Free –

Space: 1 GB

Bandwidth: 5 GB per month

Email Accounts: 1

Email Account Space: 100 MB

Database: No

Server Type: Linux

Contol Panel: No

FTP: Yes 1 FTP Account

Account Set Up: Manually by us

Uptime: 99%

Support: No live support, only email

We need 1 working day to set up

How to start:

Please update your domain’s nameservers as below:



Please send below details by email to info@windsong.co.in

Domain name: yourdomain.com

Required Email Id: xyz@yourdomain.com

Your contact number & country code

Need Additional Email Id or Email Space?
5 email id, 1 GB 
space per email: $25 per year

5 email id, 5 GB space per email: $50 per year

2 email id, 1 GB space per email: $10 per year

2 email id, 5 GB space per email: $20 per year

No monthly plans available. These email are additional to 1 free email account!


~ Hosting terms & conditions are same as hostgator and you agree if you use this package. ~


World Class Dynamic Mobile Websites in Just Rs 12000 & News Portals Rs 15000 (all inclusive)

Wind Song Enterprises

Wind Song Enterprises is providing website design, website development, mobile app development, software development and consultancy, online marketing & promotion and SEO, SMO etc services from more than 10 years. We are a registered firm.

  • Dynamic responsive mobile friendly website
  • 1 domain, 1GB hosting, 10 email ids, 10gb bandwidth
  • We will give you designs to select from or you may give yours
  • Upto 10 pages we create and upload content & images (you may create unlimited pages)
  • We will teach you how to edit/update your website and add more pages etc
  • 1 year email support & maintenance included (no virus or malware attack guarantee included)
  • Completion time is 7 working days for Company & News and 20 working days for Ecommerce after you provide content in soft copy and finalized the design.
  • We accept 60% as advance payment and 40% after completion of the project
Company Websites @ Rs 12,000 (Static websites @ Rs 6,000)
News Portals @ Rs 15,000
Ecommerce Shopping Wesites @ Rs 20,000

Please fill the form below, we shall contact you shortly:

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