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Get Free Web Hosting – We Provide Truly 100% Free Web Hosting from Hostgator

Yes you have heard it right!

~~ We provide 100% FREE web hosting from hostgator ~~

~ Lifetime Free Website Hosting ~

— It’s for only basic static html websites —

– This is a shared hosting –

– You can use your domain, its not like sub domain –

– 100% Ad Free –

Space: 1 GB

Bandwidth: 5 GB per month

Email Accounts: 1

Email Account Space: 100 MB

Database: No

Server Type: Linux

Contol Panel: No

FTP: Yes 1 FTP Account

Account Set Up: Manually by us

Uptime: 99%

Support: No live support, only email

We need 1 working day to set up

How to start:

Please update your domain’s nameservers as below:



Please send below details by email to info@windsong.co.in

Domain name: yourdomain.com

Required Email Id: xyz@yourdomain.com

Your contact number & country code

Need Additional Email Id or Email Space?
5 email id, 1 GB 
space per email: $25 per year

5 email id, 5 GB space per email: $50 per year

2 email id, 1 GB space per email: $10 per year

2 email id, 5 GB space per email: $20 per year

No monthly plans available. These email are additional to 1 free email account!


~ Hosting terms & conditions are same as hostgator and you agree if you use this package. ~